The Good Night Sleep Project with Richard Jacobs

Richard’s newest venture, The Good Night’s Sleep Project, features his patent-pending custom-tailored-pillow. The custom-tailored-pillow idea came from Richard interviewing over 110 sleep professionals, and dealing with his own sleep issues for the past 20+ years. So far, the custom-tailored-pillow is selling overseas, and will be launching in the United States June 1st, 2019. In … Read More

The Best of Blockchain: Joseph Snyder and Chris Brown of Lannister Holdings

Lannister Holdings, Inc., an Arizona company, is currently trading under the Symbol NBDR on the US OTC Market. We will use @LannisterNBDR Twitter account for announcements moving forward. Dedicated to being the world’s premier US based blockchain development firm, Lannister Development will build bespoke systems for clients around the world while deploying, testing, and globally protecting … Read More

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