Adam Alonzi Reads Death is Wrong by Gennady Stolyarov II

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In this podcast I read Death is Wrong by Gennady Stolyarov II. A number of people have recommend or requested I record myself reading. Enjoy. From the book’s Amazon page: If you have ever asked, “Why do people have to die?” then this book is for you. The answer is that no, death is not necessary, inevitable, or good. In fact, death is wrong. Death is the enemy of us all, to be fought with medicine, science, and technology. This book … Read More

A Model of Learning: A Talk with Barry Kort

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Learning model discussed in the podcast. Barry Kort’s biography: I am a (now retired) Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab in the Affective Computing Research Group. My long-term field of research is the Role of Emotions in Learning. I am currently working on the role of StoryCraft as a traditional method of learning. I am also a (now retired) volunteer science educator in the Discovery Spaces at the Boston Museum of Science. My other affiliations include the Institute for Intelligent … Read More

Artificial Intuition: A Talk with Monica Anderson

Monica Anderson is CTO and co-founder of Sensai Corporation and founder of Syntience Inc. She has created Industrial grade Model Based (programmed) AI systems for decades but insists that the path to human-like Understanding Machines requires adopting “Model Free Methods” where ALL Models of the Problem Domain are created by the system itself (through learning) instead of relying on limited (and limiting) Models created by programmers. She explains her approach using terms like “Connectome Algorithms”, “Artificial Intuition”, “Understanding Machines” and … Read More

The Foundations of Logic: Sigurd Vojnov and Matthew Craig

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Here I speak with the beloved father figure of the Foundations of Logic about paradoxes and his budding organization. Welcome to the Foundations of Logic!  In its present form, the Foundation is an umbrella over many Facebook groups dedicated to the idea that when you bring a large enough variety of diverse individuals together amazing things can happen!  The Foundation is a kind of loosely organized chaos and we want to keep it that way!  If you’re new to the Foundation, … Read More