Computation, Consciousness, Information, and Machine Learning: An Introduction to Quantum Neural Networks with Nicole Tedesco

In this podcast, Nicole Tedesco and I discuss quantum neural networks. Beginning with classical NNs, then moving on to quantum effects in biology, the implications of the afformentioned effects for neuroscience, information theory, and, finally quantum neural networks. This recording is at once mind-bending and accessible. Nicole is extremely gifted when it comes to presenting difficult ideas.

Memory, Neuroscience, and Society – Lightheartedly: A Discussion with Dr. Mani Saint-Victor

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In search of a meaningful path to move beyond traditional drugs and psychiatry, Dr. Mani is a Harvard-trained neuroscientist, author and visionary leader.  He is the author of the upcoming book Break The Cage, MD: The Physician’s Guide to Transcendental Self Medication which helps doctors craft  a lifestyle dominated by their passion instead of by clinical; medicine.  He co-founded- Mindful360 with the goal of applying neuroscience to real world problems and understanding.  Break The Cage, MD  takes that mission further by focusing on Doctors and their … Read More

The Academy and the Androids: Future Technologies and the Humanities with Peter Moons and Clark Summers

In this podcast we discuss Aristotle, science fiction cinema, Heidegger, friendly AI, the threats and promises of superintelligent software, technology’s impact on society, surveillance states, and cyborg citizens. Peter Joseph Moons has a wide academic background and has spent over a dozen years outside the United States. Among his travels, he was in Panama for the tail end of the dictatorship under General Noriega. He also was in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, just after another political strongman, Slobodan Milošević, vacated his military … Read More

Younger, Stronger, Smarter: The Future of Gene Therapy with Liz Parrish of BioViva

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“BioViva is engaging in a bold implementation of genetic rejuvenation therapies – a first step on a path that I have been proposing for 15 years.” – Aubrey de Grey “Elizabeth Parrish has taken the bull by the horns to spearhead an approach to cure aging using gene therapy that no one has ever had the guts to do before. Her gene therapy approach at BioViva makes all of the previous theoretical iterations of telomerase activation nearly obsolete. It will … Read More