Death is Wrong: Discussion with Gennady Stolyarov II

 In this podcast Mr. Stolyarov and I discuss the psychology, biology and economics and necessity of unlimited life extension. We also toss around some ideas for an upcoming video game to accompany his children’s book, Death is Wrong. Gennady Stolyarov II … Read More

CRASH, BOOM, POP! Debunking Economics the Fun Way

Synopsis [View Crash, Boom, Pop! here.] Economics is full of BS — but there is an alternative. Bank bailouts, quantitative easing, housing bubbles, austerity, etc. – are all economic policies putting most of us in the poorhouse. You can fight … Read More

The Immortality Project: A Podcast with Dr. Janni Lloyd

Janni Lloyd’s interest in health formally began in 1973 when she commenced her medical degree at the University of Western Australia. She spent many years in General Practice with a special interest in the psychological and emotional aspects of health maintenance … Read More

Top Secret Science of Esoteric Mysticism Revealed

Reverend Krall’s biography and mission statement from his website: Reverand Brian Krall, also known by his Shaman Name “Isantis Tao” is a Taoist Shaman, a Tantric Upasaka of Sri Vidya Tantra and the Daksinamurti lineage, A Sorcerer, Metaphysicist, Alchemist, Author, … Read More

A Model of Learning: A Talk with Barry Kort

Learning model discussed in the podcast. Barry Kort’s biography: I am a (now retired) Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab in the Affective Computing Research Group. My long-term field of research is the Role of Emotions in Learning. I am … Read More

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